CfP: Medical Ethnomusicology and Music Therapy

Voices is an interdisciplinary peer reviewed journal founded in 2001 by Professor Carolyn Kenny and Professor Brynjulf Stige. It is an Open Access peer reviewed journal that invites dialogue and discussion about music, health, and social change. The journal values inclusiveness and socio-cultural awareness and has increasingly nurtured a critical edge that refines the focus on cultural issues and social justice.

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Medical Ethnomusicology and Music Therapy

Guest editors

Jane Edwards (Ireland/Australia), Gregory Barz (USA), and Busskorn Binson (Thailand)

Medical ethnomusicology is an emerging interdisciplinary area of study. Hailed as “representing a new stage of collaborative discourse among researchers, musicians, and practitioners”; FSU web site, it refers to knowledge which spans the globe of traditional cultural practices of music, health, and healing. To date little dialogue between music therapy and medical ethnomusicology has occurred. This special issue of Voices presents an opportunity to open further dialogue seeking clarification of the differences and synergies between music therapy and medical ethnomusicology, in order to discover and develop new collaborations and alignments.

Individual authors or collaborating practitioners and scholars who wish to discuss, present, critique, or describe practices in ethnomusicology that relate to health and well-being, or practices in music therapy that align with medical ethnomusicology are invited to submit scholarly papers for consideration in a special issue of the journal to be published in 2015.

Guidelines for Voices submissions can be found at

Authors should use the online submission system for the journal located at

When uploading the paper authors should choose the special issue option from the relevant menu. Papers submitted will be sent to the Guest Editors for the special issue for peer review and feedback.

Final date papers for the special issue can be submitted: June 1 2015

Final decision about inclusion in the journal: August 1 2015

Inquiries about this Special Issue can be directed to Jane Edwards

Gregory Melchor-Barz, Ph.D.
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